We are designed to provide people with the best selection of Bibles and Christian all at great prices with outstanding customer service.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to spread God’s Word across the country, no matter what state you call home. We are dedicated to proclaiming the good news to the lost and filling the world with quality products and literature that can change lives now and for eternity. Essence Bible was born out of a strong desire to see more individuals have greater access to the wide variety of Christian resources that are available today. As instructed by Jesus, we faithfully join in the Great Commission to bring people to His teachings and love.

Christian & Family Products

Other online retailers carry only a limited number of distinctly Christian products and resources. Here at Essence Bible, we carry only products that align with the Word of God. From our exceptional authors and the large selection of Bible translations we offer to the vast array of Christian music, movies, apparel, and so much more, God’s Word is always our primary focus.

Wide Variety of Products

We carry an amazing selection of hundreds and hundreds of Christian items that you can use in your home, church, small group, home school, or ministry. From best-selling Christian authors and performing artists to church supplies, jewelry, gifts, and everything in between, we have what you are looking for!

We Essence Bible is the fast growing ecommerce platform which provide the Best and Quality products to our customers. We developed our line of equally amazing products with you in mind; to help you live a great lifestyle with latest fashion. You all our inspiration for what we have.

We believe the world would be a much more beautiful place if every individual felt beautiful and confident and fashion is one of the many ways to make that happen and this belief is what keeps us going day after day. After all, what better purpose can there be to life than to spread happiness and what better way for us to spread happiness than bringing a smile on your face.